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3.11.14: A Potentially Lethal Game of Chance

Zr. King's debut album A Potentially Lethal Game of Chance detonates on March 11th, 2014! Recorded over a period of weeks in the summer of 2013 at Mercury Recording Studios in NJ, this blistering collection of 11 searing tracks is a promising statement about rock'n'roll in the 21st century.

Celebrating the styles of their predecessors, heroes and modern day mammoths, Zr. King delivers lush sonic soundscapes, Bonzo-approved drum sounds, and ferocious vocal arrangements. The album was cut live on the floor, all the guys in the same room, with minimal instrumental overdubs. You can feel the push and pull of the tempos, and the uptick in heart rate when the band hits the gas - most likely because not a single click track was used on this record. Made loud to be played loud - if you're in search of a new rock'n'roll drug, we think you'll find this one quite addictive.

Debut album available NOW via Zr. King or on iTunes.

Tune in to The Rodent Hour at 8PM on launch day (3.11.14) to hear some of these songs performed live, and also catch an interview with the band!

The album release party for A Potentially Lethal Game of Chance will be at Arlene's Grocery on 3.22.14!


Track Listing:
     1. Lucky #8
     2. My Name's Hayduke, he roared
     3. Elephant Graveyard
     4. Counting the Hours
     5. City of Industry
     6. Blastcap Lullaby
     7. Siren
     8. The Guillotine
     9. Deja Voodoo
     10. Fox Island Archipelago
     11. Teleporter Blues

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